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Thread: Linken Sphere antidetect browser of the new generation

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    Linken Sphere: Frequently Asked Questions.

    Import configs from configshop. How to work with 911 proxy? Answers to the most popular questions in chat rooms.

    One of the frequently asked questions is to import configs from a configshop. To do this is very simple:

    1. It is necessary to log in to your personal account on the site, namely via Linken Sphere browser. Login authorization in Linken Sphere must match the login entered on the site.

    The version of Linken Sphere must be at least 7.3 (you can see the version in Help->About/Menu->About)

    2. Purchased configs are in your account, in the "My Configs" section.

    3. After clicking on the "airplane" you will see the sending process. If everything is done correctly, you can find the sent configs as sessions in the Menu->Session manager.

    What to do if sending does not occur from the site?

    If there is no sending, create a session with any Socks5, and from it go to the configshop.

    Transfer session between accounts

    In order to export the session to another account, you need to go to:

    Menu->Session manager->select the desired session->export selected items

    In the window that opens, specify the login to transfer.

    The host imports the session via:

    Menu->Shared session->import

    In order for the import to work, 1 any session must be created.

    911 tuning

    1. Go to the Settings tab. At the bottom of the 3 options, select the right Other Proxy Tools.

    2. On the left is the range of ports, put 20001-20050, and click Save.

    3. Go to the ProxyList tab and use the filters to get the proxy list.

    4. Right mouse button on the desired socks->Forward to Port->20001(Free), for one more ->20002(Free) and so on.

    5. At the bottom left, click ForwardPortList. See the list in which the proxies that you have already chosen to be proxied and free are marked.

    For example:

    6.In Linken Sphere, create a connection through Socks5, without a login and password.

    Be sure to put CustomDNS, you can find the DNS for the country of the proxy on https://public-dns.info.

    7. If you want to use the proxy again, then go to the TodayList tab, right-click on the proxy and follow Connect. For this, you need LinkenSphere.exe from the program folder to be in Programs. In the sphere, in order to connect with this proxy, we create a Socks5 connection and a port from the ip-address from the client 911, usually looks like this: In the sphere, we indicate

    What to do on the MAC with the problem Something went wrong ... at the entrance?

    1. Go to the terminal (in the upper right corner, there is a magnifying glass icon, this is Spotlight, click on it and write terminal)

    2. Enter the command to find out the names of network connections:


    At 99% it will be Wi-Fi or Ethernet

    3. Knowing, for example, that this is Wi-fi:

    sudo networksetup-setv60ff"Wi-Fi"

    Enter the account password, and you're done.

    Regarding the change of prints when using the same session on different PC hardware:

    Imprints depend on hardware if the hardware is different in the transfer, then the final prints will be different.

    Fingerprints are not included in the config, they are generated when creating a session.

    Canvas, Audio, ClientRects - are not included in the config, but generated.

    WebGL, Fonts, Plugins - enter the config.

    If you want the same prints to be transferred, there are 3 options:

    1. Use the same virtual machines.

    2. In one of the versions, the ability to work on the server at the same time was added (there are still certain settings with Tor). Accordingly, if work on the same server through RDP, then the iron will be the same, as well as fingerprints during the transfer.

    3.Party computers with identical hardware. Option purely individual)

    If you have any questions you would like to ask, you can ask them here @tenebristeam. We are happy to answer them)

    Site: https://linken-sphere.info
    Telegram: @Gor510
    Jabber: sales.linkensphere@exploit.im

    Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?...S_V3BYR7XGSEY6
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    What are Cookies? What are they used for? How to import them?

    Today we will tell you about magic cookies, or simply Cookies. For a start, we need to figure out what it is?

    What is a Cookie?

    A Cookie is a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on a client PC.

    Cookies are used for: user authentication, storing personal settings, tracking session status, entering user statistics, connection information.

    The main task of a cookie is to store information about the user's sessions, which is used to identify it.

    Cookies contain all requests belonging to a particular session.

    The browser, when trying to open the page of the corresponding site, sends this data fragment (cookie) to the web server as part of an HTTP request.

    HTTP is a stateless protocol, the web site needs to use user authentication in every request. Every time a user visits a new page of the site, the browser sends cookies back to the server. By identifying sessions, the server generates valid user-specific data.

    Cookies, use several HTTP requests throughout the session, ensuring the preservation of data.

    What kind of cookies do they have?

    Set-Cookie: NAME=VALUE; expires=DATE; path=PATH; domain=DOMAIN_NAME; secure

    Set-Cookie is the command with which the server sends a request to the browser to save cookies;

    NAME=VALUE - a string of characters, excluding line breaks, commas and spaces. NAME cookie name, VALUE - value;

    Expires=DATE - cookie storage time, the date after which the cookie expires;

    Path=PATH - the path that defines the exchange of data;

    Domain=DOMAIN_NAME is the domain for which the cookie value is valid. This command informs the browser that cookies should be sent to the server for this domain and path;

    Secure - this attribute indicates that the cookie information is sent only via HTTPS (HTTP using SSL), the HttpOnly attribute also exists, which informs the browser that JavaScript cannot be used to access cookie, they can only be accessed via HTTP or HTTPS.

    How to work with them?

    Importing cookies into the browser is very simple:

    Menu->Cookie import

    In the window that appears, you need to select the session into which the Cookies themselves will be loaded, and then specify the path to them.

    Sphere and Linken Sphere support Netscape and Json Cookies.

    If you have another format of Cookies, you need to convert them to the desired format.

    The script to convert - https://jsfiddle.net/e66azngd/97

    Site: https://linken-sphere.info
    Telegram: @Gor510
    E-mail: sales@linken-sphere.info

    Linken Sphere promo code for a permanent 5% discount - LS_V3BYR7XGSEY6 upon registration https://ls.tenebris.cc/registration?...S_V3BYR7XGSEY6

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