Want to know the IP of someone and don't know how?

IP2Email is a program that will create shorturls links with IP tracking that delivers the IP to your email. To use a user just need to write his/her email and destination url. After that send the link to the target and when they click on the link a email will be send to you containing the IP, browser and country.

1) Create a bit.ly account
2) Create a php enabled webhosting account
3) Open 1.php and change the email and message in line 107 and 110
4) Upload 1.php to your webhosting account
5) Open IP2Email Link Generator.html with notepad
6) Go to bit.ly and copy your public api key
7) Paste in the html file in (access_token=)
In the same line change the domain behind /1.php to your webhosting account
9) Save the html file and it's all set
10) Open IP2Email Link Generator.html and generate your first link
11) Test your link.
12) Confirm if it's all working.
13) All emails are logged, so, to view them just login to your bit.ly account and check the links created.

Note: Do not upload the user interface to the site for better anonymity and substitute your webhosting front page with a blank index.html

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