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Thread: Back Again

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    Back Again

    Hey everyone,

    I used to be somewhat involved in this scene a few years back. Posting web app exploits to milw0rm (rip) among many other things that need not be mentioned in public. I dipped out and got my CS degree and worked in industry for a bit but now I'm back. I have no idea where all the god forums are these days but this place and ic0de seem at least somewhat active haha.

    I'm proficient (professional experience) in C, Delphi, PHP and java with a bit of experience in C++. Obviously, Linux as well.

    Hoping to get to know/ work with other serious programmers and not teenage skids (i recall there being an abundance of them back in the day). Is the irc still active? where do people talk outside the forum?

    message me if any of this stuff sounds appealing to you. Thanks
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    This guy knows what he is talking about!! Welcome back!
    The aim of a coder is to make simple, beautiful and working programs.

    Location: https://www.OpenSc.ws
    Skills: Delphi, C, Python, HTML
    OS: Micrrosoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)
    Projects: PureRAT, Bind3r, Image resizer, SocketUnitEx, OpenSc RAT, OpenSc Crypter, J3kill Downloader
    Contacts: wrh1d3@gmail.com, wrh1d3@xmpp.jp
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    Interesting experience since i'm on the same path. Welcome back
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    arealperson..... If you want you can join me, I can help with botnets, best forums currently, rats or codification
    For me irc is dead, I do not use this
    All use jabber with cryptography otr for work and contact, welcome to pm
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